Rotas do Sal is a Nature Tourism company specializing in leisure tourism activities, in which we aim to combine the healthy occupation of our clients’ leisure time with the dissemination and knowledge of an unparalleled territory for the diversity and richness of heritage that characterized by a permanent interface between the sea, the river and the land and by the existence of protected areas of national and international importance.

We intend to be recognized as a quality company in the field of Nature Tourism with a strong commitment in the fields of education and environmental awareness and, at the same time, deserve the natural preference of our customers promoting in all activities the highest levels of safety and welfare.

The scrupulous fulfillment of the Code of Conduct for Nature Tourism Companies to which Rotas do Sal is linked in all its activities, in the field of “Corporate Responsibility” and in the area of ​​”Good Environmental Practices”, is an authentic mark of quality that has been systematically recognized by our customers.

RNAAT n.º 79/2009