Castelo de Sesimbra
Castelo de Sesimbra

Following the Arab expansion started by Muhammad around the year 600 AD, the Iberian Peninsula was conquested by the Moors, from the year 711, by an army commanded by Tarique.

The presence of Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula was felt virtually until the year 1492, when the last Muslims were expelled with the conquest of Granada, the last bastion that still had in Spain.

During his presence in the Iberian Peninsula, the Arabs ruled a vast territory roughly corresponding to the entire area of central and southern peninsula, having built throughout this period several castles, which were their main military defense structures.

In the region of Sado, the muslims built the castles of Sesimbra, Palmela and Alcácer do Sal, which constituted their main strongholds in the region, establishing a line of military defense that allowed control, south of the Tagus, a vast land, sea and territory inland from the Atlantic Ocean until the interior of the Alentejo plains.


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