Boat rental without crew

Rotas do Sal provides its customers with the option of renting without crew, recreational craft with different capacities that allow the total autonomy and independence of its users giving them the possibility to make their own options in terms of navigation.

Turn on the ignition and enjoy, in a private environment, the river Sado, its beaches and its bay, one of the most beautiful in the world.

This modality is accessible for people over 18 years of age, who have the Nautical Sportsmanship with the category of sailor, or higher qualification, through the conclusion of a rental contract.

Setúbal Bay and all adjacent areas such as the Sado Estuary, Troia and the Arrábida Natural Park are areas of rare beauty, easy to navigate (Sailing on Sado), with great beaches for beach use and very easy reach each other by sea.

Rotas do Sal offers its customers, in the form of rental of unmanned vessels, its vessel “Tarik”, a semi-rigid vessel with 4.5 meters in length and capacity for 6 people.

Places of meetingStore 14 R/C no Mercado do Livramento, Avenida Luísa Todi 163, 2900-362 Setúbal and and Marina of Troy.

Low season (October to April)

1/2 Day 1 Day Weekend
8h30 / 12h30

13h30 / 17h30

9h00 / 17h30 9h00 Saturday

17h30 Sunday

100 € 120 € 220 €

High season (May to September)

1/2 Day 1 Day Weekend
8h30m / 12h30

14h30 / 18h30

9h00 / 18h30 9H00 Saturday

18h30 Sunday

150 € 200 € 350 €

Notice: The figures given do not include fuel nor boarding / disembarking expenses at the marina of Troy

Rental Conditions:

  • Older than 18 years;
  • Copies of the navigator’s letters and the BI (or Passport) of the person responsible for the rental;
  • Security deposit of € 500, whenever the boat is rented without skipper;
  • When a “Rotas do Sal” skipper is required, this must be previously requested, and will have an additional cost of 125 €;
  • The vessel may be used from Setúbal or Tróia and will be returned to the same place of departure;
  • The vessel will be delivered to the customer in the best conditions, with all its palamenta, full fuel tank (25 liters) and documentation, including a set of practical information on navigation in the Sado estuary.