Between salt flats and rice paddies

The course, “Between salt flats and rice paddies”, takes place in the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, in relatively flat areas where the widespread presence of rice fields and some salt marshes, articulated in a tangle of channels and walls, distributed throughout of the banks of the river Sado, potentiate a diverse set of habitats with great interest for the observation of birds, flora and the landscape.

This route takes place in a tranquil environment, typical of a Natural Reserve, and allows us to perceive the great economic transformation verified in the Sado Valley in the last century, where salt and salt mines have lost almost all their expression to the detriment of rice cultivation.

It is a circular route that can be carried out at any time of the year, although with more interesting specific times taking into account the seasonality of some activities or occurrences (birds presence, salt extraction, cultural rice operations, etc. ).

Meeting places: Tourist Office of Alcácer do Sal and Herdade da Batalha.
Motives of interest: Bird watching, flora and landscape, irrigation canal, salt and salt, rice paddies.
Recommended material: Water, camera, binoculars, bird guides, biscuits, footwear and clothing suitable for walking in the countryside.
Extension: 7 Km
Degree of difficulty: low

By the bank of a river

This course, along the south bank of the river Sado, covers one of the most beautiful areas, revealing some of the most protected and richest aspects of the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, in its transition between the river and the estuary, in the plan natural and scenic.

In this course we will be able to appreciate biodiversity richness associated with some of its most significant biotopes, namely in the area between tides, muds, beaches, marshes, but also salinas, rice paddies, and forest-occupied moorland areas. its most important cultural and archaeological heritage in this region.

From the village of the Possanco, towards Carrasqueira and Murta on a linear course with an extension of about 10 km, in compact soils and sandy soil (beach), without significant differences. Degree of reduced difficulty. Returned to the place of departure.

Places of meeting – Aldeia do Possanco (Café)

Archaeological site (Concheiros do Neolítico), Porto palafita of Carrasqueira, zone between tides, observation of birds, flora and landscape, irrigation canal, marshes.

Recommended material: Water, camera, footwear and clothing suitable for walking in the countryside
Degree of difficulty: reduced / moderate
Recommended course material: – suitable water, footwear and clothing.
Participants will be offered binoculars, bird guides, fruit, coffee and cakes.