Historical cruise in the Bay of Setúbal

Two thousand years of history within reach of a 2-hour ride. The Roman complex of Tróia, coastal military fortresses of the century XVII, the Palace of Comenda, a masterpiece of Portuguese architecture from the early twentieth century, are some of the elements of the historic and built heritage, reflected along the waterfront of the Sado estuary.

A tour in the Setúbal Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, border zone and one of the main input ports in Alentejo, where the magnificence and diversity of its scenery, the serenity of its clear waters and mild climate are some of the its most distinguishing features.

A journey through time of human occupation that characterized this region since the great civilizations of antiquity that sailed and settled here, until more recent times in our history.

Meeting-places: Clube Naval Setubalense & Marina de Tróia.


From Setúbal (or Tróia), guided boat tour along the waterfront of the Bay of Setúbal, with the aim of knowing and admiring their built heritage. Visit of the interior of the Roman complex of Tróia.

Interesting points – Tróia (view over the Alentejo coast), Fortification of Outão, Palace of Comenda, small fortress of Albarquel, Fortification of S. Filipe, riverside area of ​​Setúbal, Tróia lagoon, Roman ruins, Tróia resort, marina.

  • Schedules – Depending on the tides
Duration 2h00
Minimum persons 4
Maximum persons 12
Price for adults 25 €
Price for children (3/12 years) 10 €
 Exclusivity price 300 €

Meeting the Sado River

“Meeting the Sado River” is a proposal for a time travel, a journey through history and places where, at different times, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, among others, sailed with their mighty ships to the interior of the Alentejo. Today, it is still possible to navigate some stretches of the river Sado, particularly from Setúbal, or from Tróia, to Alcácer do Sal, so we offer you the possibility to know this important route, used by several civilizations for more than 2,500 years .

Guided tour (from Setúbal or Troia) to the charming village of Alcácer do Sal, right through the heart of the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, with the aim of getting to know the surrounding nature as well as enjoying the tranquility of the landscape dominated by salt marshes , rice paddies, pine forests and the wonderful world of birds.

Meeting places:

  • Club Naval Setubalense
  • Marina of Troy
  • Porto Santana (A. Sal)

Route: Departure from Setúbal (or Troia), with passage next to the Marateca steet and the St. Martinho river to Alcácer do Sal

Points of interest:

As main points of interest along the route we highlight::

  • The passage next to the Roman Ruins of Troy,
  • Military base,
  • Soltróia,
  • Shipyards,Herdade do Pinheiro,
  • Abul (Phoenician trading post and stilt port),
  • Pipeline / pipeline,
  • Monte Novo,
  • Cachopos,
  • Railway bridge,
  • Salina da Batalha,
  • Alcácer do Sal.

* Schedules – Depending on the tides.

Duration 3h30
Minimal of people 4
Maximum number of people 12
Adult price 25 €
Child price (3/12 years) 10 €
Exclusive price
480 €