The dolphin watching is regulated by a set of rules that safeguard them in terms of its security and its tranquility and natural wellness, referring, among others the following :

The observation of dolphins should be conducted under conditions that avoid their disturbance during the approach of boats, during the observation itself, and during the withdrawal of vesselsTo.

In any operation should be avoided, in the vicinity of dolphins, noises that disturb or attract them.

It is prohibited in any operation :

  • To persecute the dolphins, considering as such, any attempt to approach or behaviors that create leakage or expression of signs of disturbance;
  • To cause separation of the elements of a group of dolphins ;
  • To feed the dolphins ;
  • To touch the dolphins.

During the approach of the platforms is forbidden:

  • The active approach less than 30 m from any dolphin;
  • The active approach to dolphins for swimmers.