Praia de Galapinhos_Setúbal
Praia de Galapinhos Setúbal

There are at the mouth of the river Sado a large number of white sand beaches with serene and pristine waters, sought, especially during the summer season, for many thousands of people.

Stand out, among others, the beaches located in Arrabida Natural Park, including the beach of Portinho da Arrábida, that was considered “the most beautiful natural beach of Portugal” and the islands of white sand that forms in the mouth of the Sado, not forgetting the magnificent beaches of Troia, one with about 70 kms of sand forming the largest continuous beach in Portugal.

The access by land to some of this places is  very difficult or even impossible, just being possible to those, just like us, uses boats that allow us to land directly on the beach.

We may, therefore, in the course of our tours, make a short stop at one of these beaches for a refreshing dip on hot days, and feel the pleasure to enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of these places, who have called “Caribbean of Portugal”.

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