Birdwatching (all the day)

Rotas do Sal offers birdwatching in Setúbal region, Portugal, in some of the most remote and inaccessible areas of the Sado Estuary, where we can enjoy, in perfect harmony with all the nature that surrounds us, the landscape, tranquility and magic of this wonderful world of birds. 

The Sado Estuary is regularly visited by about 70,000 waterfowl, wintering and nesting birds. The great diversity of birds in different seasons (can be seen here all the species occurring in Portugal), is linked to the great diversity of biotopes, among which are the marshes, the salt and the rice fields, which are areas important for feeding a large number of species.

Among the species that have conservation status nationally and internationally, a large number occurs in the Sado Estuary. Some species use this area for nesting, such as the Purple heron, the Black-winged stilt, the Western marsh harrier or the Little tern. The area is also noted as a place of passage or wintering for Pied avocet or Flamingos.

Meeting-places: Posto de Turismo do Catamaram em Setúbal.


From Setúbal, minivans ride through the Sado estuary (Praias do Sado, Moinho de Marés da Mourisca, Zambuzal, Alcácer do Sal, Murta, Monte Novo, Carrasqueira, Comporta e Tróia), in order to observe the rich diversity of birds that make this area one of the most important in Europe.

Price – from 30 € (lunch not included)

Birdwatching (half day)

The existence in the Sado estuary of an intertidal zone with a considerable area, where there are large expanses of mud, marshes, salt flats and sand, is the main reason why this site is one of the preferred locations for a large number of shorebirds that find in the several habitats, the food they and tranquility they need.

observaçao de avesThe Sado Estuary is regularly visited by about 70,000 waterfowl, wintering and nesting birds, belonging to a great diversity of species, some of which came from Northern European countries, in their migration routes.

This, revealing the national and international importance of Sado in this matter, determined its various protection statutes as a Nature Reserve, Important Bird Area, Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site.

The white stork, specie protected under the Berne Convention, which here has one of the main centers in Portugal, and the flamingos, both have in Sado a preferred area for wintering, and they are two of the most emblematic species in the region.

Meeting-places – Posto de Turismo do Catamaran em Setúbal.


Circuit the interior of the Nature Reserve of the Sado Estuary, passing at various salt marshes along the estuary, but completely off the beaten track, where we can view, with close proximity, thousands of aquatic birds.

Along this way will be visited several salines in places like Praias do Sado, salinas do Sado, Mitrena, Faralhão, Mourisca (tide mill) and Zambujal, and watch the many birds that occur there.

Price – from 15 €

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